How Do I Set Employee’s Salary?

Timebase allows you to track all salary changes of employees.

To add a new salary for employee go to the employee’s card. Press on “Add +” next to Salary and transfer rates. Fill in the information:

  1. From – from which month this salary rate will apply
  2. Type – Hourly or Monthly
  3. Salary – an amount which employee earns per hour or per month
  4. Target hours – number of hours which employee should work per month
  5. Profit rate – the percentage of revenue which employee should bring to the company to meet the metrics (used in Result tab)
  6. Pricelist position – the position of employee which will impact the cost of his working hour for client.

Also, you can set employee’s cost rate and salary while adding new employee. See How do I add employee to Timebase.

Last Update: August 31, 2020  


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